One thought on “Ten Lessons In Case I Die

  1. A couple of things from my life…… you’re gonna be ok.

    As I sat by the whirlpool of life. I dared to venture and take a glimpse at what lay beneath the inane ripples.
    There I saw a panorama of distorted symmetry which conjured scenes of comically grotesque mildew,
    Contiguous talons of nascent ideas, gouging out amatory tears until the waif is sodden with drowsy blood.
    Gaunt frames strangled the holocaust widening the animosity with which it was burnt. Mute voices erupted, profaning the static limbo swallowing the time which was to be the panacea.
    Absonent beings twisted with loathing, rupturing the splinters of redolent love, bruising the fragments of faith and trust and kindness. Fluorescent thunder paused to tremble the inadequate colours of this latent diorama in the eternal life of death.
    Half-crazed waves of emotion surged and swelled and disintegrated the indefensible wall of strength which stood like a cenotaph surrounded by devoted guards and sentinels who died in the terrifying backwash.
    For nine months, I sat watching this scene, infected with spineless knowledge. And as the confused images drew their apathetic breath……. I slipped….. And fell in.


    The grey mist encroaches, seeps into every crevice of my being.
    The haze is enmeshed into fingers, talons that squeeze the essence of my mind
    All that is just ME……
    I remain unaware until the blanket unfolds, gently floats down….
    Over my head, over my eyes, over my soul.
    There are no doors in this nightmare, I’m sealed in alone.
    I can barely breathe as the talons tighten their grip, and I scream into my silence.
    The emptiness echoes and I find there’s nowhere to go.
    My warrior lives not in these depths, there’s just me and that’s enough.
    But as I struggle with the swirling fingers, I realise there’s no one to tell me who I am.

    This is just a glimpse of my soul…….. Yes, you’re gonna be ok, because I think I get it!!!!!!


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