Flat spots and inspiration

Sometimes your brain will suck you into a shadowy place… All the things that inspire you suddenly feel far away and your motivation to make the best out of every situation fades…

The important thing is not to let yourself stay there. Explore the reasons why you might have found yourself there, what triggered it, or don’t and just let yourself sit a little lower than you’d like… But don’t stay… Remember that you were inspired yesterday, or just a few hours ago…

And if there comes into view a common event or situation that unleashes the shadows and flat spots- think about what you can do to change it… For me it’s my job. My perfect, uni-friendly job… Very unsatisfying, very dull, very lonely… And recently I’ve felt like I’ve given it all the energy I can spare to “make the best” of it and “appreciate the positive elements of it” and I’m just worn out by it… So I’m trying to change my situation. Those jobs I applied for a few weeks ago; they were just the start… I’m starting to look past my current situation and get out of the job that chips away at all the new synapses I’ve just created by learning something new for uni…

Be at peace with your darker, lower moments, but remember that they are not you.

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