A path lights up

I have a job interview tomorrow.

A job that is in line with my future career. A ‘real’ job, if you will. Real for me.

But I’m not nervous. I’m not even anxious, and I’m almost always anxious. I’m so calm about it that I started to worry that I was being apathetic…

I realise that I’m certainly not being apathetic, but that I’ve just truly accepted the idea that whatever will be will be. I am here right now because this is exactly where I needed to be. Every job, every relationship and every experience I’ve had have led to me being the person that I am today. Without a single one of them, I might be on a completely different path… And that path would have been exactly what that version of me needed too!

So I look forward to my interview tomorrow, realising that if I’m the right person for the job; I’ll be offered it. And that if that’s the right job for me; I’ll accept.
If it’s not the right job or I’m not the right person, then it simply means there’s something else for me around the corner.

Trust that the universe is leading you (or keeping you) exactly where you need to be right now.

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