The beautiful people

Beautiful things are happening everywhere… Really. And it’s amazing how easy it is to miss them, ignore them, stare straight through them with unseeing eyes. People connect with other people. 

It’s just what we do, if we can. We long for connection. Primitively; connection equals safety. Hunters connect with gatherers to create banquets for themselves, women connect with men to procreate and pass on their genes. Connection equals safety, community, opportunity, life, love. 
I’m the first person to dryly say that people suck. That they’re arseholes and that the world is going to shit. And I stand by those statements. People sometimes DO suck. They do horrible things to other people, to animals, and to themselves. Studying psychology and counselling makes me even more aware of the messed up things we’re doing to ourselves and each other. Projecting our insecurities onto others, internalising other people’s insecurities and holding them as our own, talking about people behind their back, saying untrue things about people to make yourself look better… All horrid and emotionally and psychologically damaging. 

But over the last few days, I’ve seen some of the most beautiful and simple demonstrations of humans at their best; and it’s important to acknowledge them. 

You know the old saying where there’s 2 wolves, one full of light and love and the other full of darkness and evil? And you ask “Which one grows/ Which one lives” and the answer is “The one you feed”…? It’s exactly that. And I really truly believe this; give your energy to the beautiful things in your life and feed the beauty so that it grows. Don’t waste time hating the people abusing each other, abusing animals, abusing the planet. Instead; LOVE the people who are building each other up, supporting the people and animals who’ve been abused or neglected, are doing positive things (small or large) to help the earth. Thank them. Either vocally and personally or silently. BE thankful FOR them; that there are those in the world I afraid to stand up against injustice, go against the grain and who will continue to help those beautiful connections continue to grow. Connection equals safety, community, opportunity, life, love. 

Feed the good. Feed the light. Feed the love. 

Yesterday, I chatted to a young man for half of my commute to work, who was hyperactive and giggly on red fizzy drink and so excited about having made a new friend. He remembers my name from the previous morning when I smiled at him and he asked if I would like to sit with him the next day, and called out to me across the station when I arrived. Joyously exclaiming that he “JUST KNEW” I’d make it this morning. Most of our conversation was fits of laughter prompted by his spiking sugar levels and talking about how dogs are naughty and cats are rude. It was simple connection, but I know, certainly, that u would, in a heartbeat, help my new friend if he was in trouble or under threat, and I know he’d do the same. Connection equals safety. 
That evening, on the way home, another beautiful human interaction. 2 men were talking on the train on the way home. 

A socio-economic Pacific Ocean between them. They spoke about working hard, feeding their families and what they were currently striving towards. 

Upon discovering that his new acquaintance had been waking at 3am to walk 6 kms to the train station to get to work, or when he had access to a push bike, maybe 4am… The man in the suit said “so how are you getting home now? You’re not going to ride your bike home are you? In 39 degree heat? Why don’t you throw it in the back of my ute and I’ll give you a lift. ”
Maybe these stories don’t impress you. Maybe I’ve failed to convey the appropriate emotion in my expression. But to me, in less than 100 minutes (out of 1440 in the day), I witnessed or experienced 2 beautiful human connections. Imagine how many more I missed. Imagine the one I didn’t tell you about a strangers comment to me about the ride offering interaction. Imagine the ones I didn’t tell you about speaking to customers on the phone and finding out that the cancellation of their motor policy came with a reminder that that vehicle just saved their life in a collision; that they’re alive because of their land cruiser that was just written off…
Look for them. 

Today, look for them. A genuine smile between 2 strangers; a genuine smile FROM you to a stranger, someone offering someone else their seat, someone stopping to help a turtle off the road. Look for them. Don’t shut yourself off from the world and keep feeding the believe that the world is full of horrible people. Find the beautiful people. Be thankful for them. 

BE a beautiful person. Feed your light. Feed your love. 

Connect. Connect with someone else. Or connect with yourself. Or both. 

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