Thoughts from the paddock at 9pm

The sky is bigger here. 

I feel like I have more space to breathe. 

It’s so incredible how sheltered my parents property is. We’d joke about it when we first moved there, but I think it started to affect us. In a little valley, flanked by hills, a mountain and endless trees, it was easy to forget about the rest of the world. It was easy to feel trapped there. 

I’ve always loved the night sky, but I keep being surprised at how profound the sky is here. I find myself looking up when I come out to do suppers, or breakfast if I’m up before the sun, and becoming almost overwhelmed at how infinite the sky is. Looking up at my parent’s house gave you a magnificent sky, with very little light pollution, but very little sky. It was like a carpet sample. I got the idea, and it was a cool representation, but the real thing; the actual whole grand foyer of the palace is beyond my wildest imagination. 

There’s more noise here. The road is close. And I can see the light from the town on the eastern horizon, but the sky is enormous, my horse is munching on his supper and my dog is needily curled up in my lap as I sit in pyjamas in the paddock taking in the sky and being present with my equines. The mosquitos here like the taste of me more… That’s disappointing. 

I’ve got a lot of processing to do. I think this house, this space, this property will facilitate so much growth in myself if I allow it to…

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