It’s really easy to take for granted the beautiful things we have in our lives. 

It’s easy to be too tired, too sick, too busy, too focused on this other thing right now… what’s not easy is finding the time, making the time for all our little blessings. 

It might be easier for us to come home after a long day and tell our doting dogs to go away because we’re “not in the mood”, it might take less energy to not tell your partner about your day, or something important because you’ve had a big week… but how much extra energy will it take to repair damage caused by a communication breakdown when we continue to not tell them important things, and how easy will it be to find your dogs missing because they’ve run away or tried to follow you out the gate to be with you? 

Sometimes it’s only our perception of how much effort is required that is off- sometimes we just get wrapped up in our own little world and forget about everyone and everything else. But this closes us off to so much more than we realise. When we’re trying to shut off in order to conserve energy, we miss so many opportunities to absorb energy from the world around us and the people and animals we connect with. Energy flows back and forth. If we are only giving, and blocking energy from being received, we’re disrupting the flow. 

Receiving is a skill that many of us do not naturally possess… or rather have been taught not to practice. Receiving is so often seen as greedy, selfish inappropriate behaviour, but I couldn’t disagree more. Receiving energy from people, animals, plants, the earth helps to continue the flow of energy throughout the universe. The more you receive, the more you can give.  

As I said, sometimes we don’t even realise that we’re shut off to receiving. We get so wrapped up in our own world that we forget there’s even another dimension other than our own physical space that we occupy.  Some of you reading this will be like “whatever, she’s nuts, I receive heaps”… do you though? When was the last time you sat on your own and breathed a little? Watched a pair of cockatoos graze peacefully on grass seeds in the middle of suburbia? When did you last take a moment to stop and consider that every single car on the freeway contains a person with their own life, their own energy imbalance, travelling on their own journey? Have you ever sat in a park and marvelled at how 25 of the same variety of tree, all planted in a row, have grown into a completely individual shape, despite having had very similar starts to life? And have you ever really allowed those trees to feed you a little positive energy? Unique and generous, and asking nothing in return in that moment. 

I might sound crazy to you, this post might seem totally out of the blue since it’s probably been 12 months since I last even looked at this blog, and my writing flow will be well and truly out of whack; but the more tired I get, the more I fight little health setbacks, I realise how important my giant slobbery dogs are, how connected my birds want to be with me, and how generously my cats pass on energy to me every day, and how lucky I am to see the sun, and the moon, and be amongst the trees. 

My job is giving. I literally get paid to give my energy to people. And I love it. But it’s just so important that I can receive as well. From everywhere. What’s the point in having a rewarding job that is essentially a transfer of energy, if I don’t have enough energy for myself, for my partner, for my feathered and furred children?  A friend shared this image this morning and as I slowly crawled out of bed late, after taking the morning off to recover from this head cold turned minor chest infection, I so appreciated what it had to say…

You’re allowed to make sure you’ve got enough energy for yourself. Try, just once this weekend, to take a moment and see what you receive as well. It’s ok to need to pull back; just don’t build a wall in front of yourself, remain open as you retreat. Allow gifts to flow through to you so that you can step forward again and continue to share your beautiful gifts with the world- whatever they may be. 

Hug your pets, tell your partner how your day was, and marvel at nature. Sit on a tyre swing, lay in the sun, start at the stars.