Full moons over the range

This place completely quiets my soul.

From the moment I drop over the mountain, a calm consumes me. Sleepy, haunted towns and vast rolling hills welcome me home. The air is clearer, the sky is brighter and the people are happier.

Lots to ponder on this sneaky overnighter. How fortunate that the moon is full, so sleep is a stranger, and I can let my mind slow and my heart dream. My world is so changing at the moment. I’ve dived head first into a big turbulent shift that I’d been watching roll over the horizon for months now. I’ve taken some punches with this one so far, as expected, but I’ve righted myself quickly, and not spent too long in the fog, the darkness, or the fire.

For sure, I’m not done. This journey is just beginning, but I’m so proud of myself for how I’ve managed this wave thus far. I’ve had awakenings about the truth of me; my worth, my power. My ability to heal myself and others… And where I need to be focusing my energy moving forward.

A dream has come true, a perception has been shattered, and a goddess is emerging. I’m ready for what the universe is bringing me.

A full moon. In an enormous country sky. Eyes are back on the prize. The prize has evolved a little, and it looks pretty exciting.

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