So as all the fog clears and my feet touch the ground again, messages from the universe start to trickle back through in a language I understand.

Having to physically stop due to illness gave all parts of me time to catch up with each other. And the unison it creates is safe, and still, and resoundingly powerful. Mind, body, spirit are a team again, and I’m trying to bottle this feeling so I might recognise when it starts to slip away again. Of course, I won’t; that’s the nature of this cyclic existence, but the more aware of this state I am, the less time I might spend away from it in each cycle.

I want to write more about this. But the words aren’t here yet. I might edit this post. I might just write another one later. Stay here. Stay present. Stay in touch. This moment. Not future. Not past. This is the only one that exists.