The unraveling

So long in limbo can make forward movement seem nauseatingly fast. Formula 1 Speed Trap fast. When really, everything is falling into place exactly as planned…

I’ve been clawing at my cage, wearing my fingertips to the bone, frustrated, disengaged, bored. I’ve screamed my readiness at the universe, cursed it for promising me everything then chiding my outstretched hand and chastising my eagerness- telling me to wait. How long do I have to wait? Will I know when I’m not waiting anymore? Is it gonna be WORTH this stupid, dumb, cocoon of WAITING? I stopped asking for messages. Arms crossed, I turned my back on the possibilities and sulked. I felt a sense of righteousness, a sense of deserving. Proud, too proud to reflect. Too proud to see. To see all the gifts. The abundance that was flowing in. I could only see my dry little pond. My cup was empty, and I was getting thirsty.

My guides ignored me and carried on their magic, opening doors, closing windows, keeping me on track. Making sure I still found my way to this moment. THESE moments. I feel my feet freed from shackles and all they want to do is run. But only my feet have been released- I’m running in a mermaid silhouette- it’s not very effective. I’ll have to slow down… wait…

Next my eyes were uncovered. My cocoon gently falling away piece by piece as the universe sees fit. So now I’m gifted with blurry visions of where my cautious feet are trying to step. Oh to be undone and soar. But I know I have to wait.


A reconnection with spirit. Messages from the other side. Visits from beyond. My mind is opening, my heart is being nurtured, my intuition is calmly passing notes in bold ink, with full stops. Not to be ignored. Not to be taken for granted. Vivid dreams that I don’t even have time to unpack before the next one comes, and gives me something else to wonder upon.

The meticulously crafted shroud gets looser every day. Layers fall away slowly until a new sense is uncovered… Recovered… anew.

The opening of this chapter is a vast expanse of possibility. And when I’m ready, I’ll know. But until then… I’ll wait.

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